Planning – my blow by blow account for NaNoWriMo

As if chanting a mantra to myself, I repeat the words MUST PLAN over an over in my head.

Sat up in bed under a duvet, with my iPad on my lap, a blank page glows at me. I try to resist the allure of the Writers & Artists Yearbook. It would be much more fun to go through the agent details and do research for marketing my work – but I shouldn’t fool myself; the work I have ahead of me is potentially – using a one word description – monumental.

I realize that the task I have set myself next month may be unattainable, but you’ve got to try these things.

I am currently working on one novel and am very happy to report 25,000 words in, however on signing up to NaNoWriMo I need to write a new one, so my aim is to write the two books at the same time. Granted the odds aren’t good, given that I have a full time day job; however, I am a firm believer, that setting high target’s can drive you; it Could possibly drive me crazy, but we’ll see.

The first step then.

The book I am currently working on is planned to the half way with chapter explanations and word count targets, so that needs to be finished before the 01/11 so I know the direction I am suppose to be travelling in with the story. The book I want to write for NaNo is The Chronicles of Ethran. I have just started the general blurb on the book. I’m trying to get a feel for the world, it’s people and some of the main issues running through, I will post this on NaNoWriMo as soon is it complete.

I will then move onto my chapter breakdown and full synopsis, I tend to work on both of these simultaneously, then they flow in and out of each other identifying developments that might need to be considered or required.

Then will come the setup of the book on my Scrivener software package: research links, pics of characters and word count targets for each chapter.

I’ve just spent the last two hours penning out a blurb for The Ethren Chronicles. I think I’m getting somewhere.

Next step is to decide on number of chapters within the 50,000 words and the flow I want the book to have, governing how many words are in each chapter.

Lets do some maths:

I am going to start with 20 chapters at 2,500 words each. Now I’m going to use a very valuable piece of plotting advice the (W) plotting teqnique. I.e. things start ok and go down hill until they reach a low, then they bounce back up again and reach a high, and then it turns back round and will be going back down for a low and back to a finishing high. A general formulae, but I find it works well.

Now i just need to pen out the chapters one by one. This will start tomorrow.


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